Social Responsibility

Our Commitment with the Environment


We take our role as citizens very seriously, which means that our waste is reused by other Colombian companies for the production of materials such as toilet paper and napkins, among others.

Water Footprint:

  • Corporate awareness focused on not wasting water, by exerting control over daily consumption, preventing its increase.
  • Acquisition of technical equipment that requires the least amount of water and uses fewer chemicals.
  • Construction of traps to lower the concentration of fats in the wastewater going to the sewage, with periodic measurements made by certified laboratories submitted to the DAMAB (Technical Administrative Division of Barranquilla for the Environment).
  • Use of more organic chemicals and solvents to minimize contamination of the environment.

Efficient and Responsible Use of Materials

  • Sourcing of raw material and inputs that are environmentally friendly and have SFC and SFI seals.