Our Values

Escala Impresores S.A.S implements, documents, maintains, and discloses corporate values ​​and norms that guide our daily actions, based on the following principles:

Sense of Belonging: The great family that Escala Impresores encompasses must be committed and must act responsibly in the fulfillment of our duties, as well as providing ideas regarding the implementation of strategies that will lead to the growth of our company.
Business and Professional Ethics: We are transparent, honest, and loyal both internally and externally.
Responsibility: Our responsibility is to preserve and protect the assets of our customers, to fully meet our commitments, and deliver products and services of the highest quality.
Services: They are defined in our quality objectives and principles; reinforced by the Mission and Vision.
Human Talent: We apply all the resources and skills to achieve high performance, and the aptitude and skill of our workers.