Supporting the Community

Professional Development of our Employees

For Escala, the professional and personal growth of our human talent is paramount. As the leading company in the Caribbean Region, we developed an education program in our company for the training of our employees in all facets of the processes that we handle, providing constant updates on technological advances. We also offer scholarships and study aid for our staff members who wish to attend college.

Escala Impresores supports the Fundación Cultural Nueva Música foundation, which makes a great contribution to the culture of Barranquilla by directing annually the Barranquijazz Jazz Festival since 1996; the festival has been the second most important event in the city.

Additionally, we support the publishing house La Iguana Ciega, which publishes more than 5 books a year with the aim of documenting the music and popular culture of the Colombian Atlantic Coast. This same publisher has a research department for important citywide topics. We focus most of our social commitment to the community thru this foundation.

In addition, our company supports many cultural events held citywide.